Paquete frontal del cordón del rizo pissy del cabello humano 13×4 del vendedor del cordón suizo de FH

Nombre del producto: Cierre de encaje de cabello humano

Material: cabello humano brasileño 100% virgen

Longitud: 10 pulgadas - 22 pulgadas

Color: negro y rubio natural

Peso: 32g-56g/pieza

Textura: Liso, Onda Corporal, Onda Profunda, Rizado Profundo, Onda Suelta, Onda Profunda Suelta Liso Rizado, Rizado Rizado, Onda de Agua, Onda Natural

cabello humano

Encaje suizo is an extremely popular material used by wig makers because of the reasonable price and great quality. You can easily detect the thicker and darker swiss lace compared to other types of laces. However, after wearing the wig, it will be undetectable as it fits appropriately in the skin.

Swiss lace has always been the best kind of lace in the market and is commonly used in wig making since it is soft, see-through and more durable than HD lace but thicker than it. Swiss lace will melt well in your skin when you wear it so it will give you a very undetectable looking.

frontal de encaje
paquete de pelo

HD Lace is much more transparent than Swiss Lace, creating an undetectable result that looks incredibly natural. On the other hand, HD lace is more fragile than Swiss lace, making it easier to rip during handling, so you’ll need to be really careful with your HD lace.

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